My New Love: Tango

This has been a busy and exciting week, mainly due to the fact that my time here is coming to an end in just a week. At long last I took a tango class here in Córdoba, and I also took a yoga class, which were both instructed in Spanish. I also got the chance to take another tango class shortly after the first one, and I have fallen inlove with this passionate, sensual dance, and I would love to continue taking classes in Canada, if I can find some. This week, Emilie, myself, and a friend of ours named Anna, went to Museo de la MemoriaThis museum is about the people who were tortured and killed for rebelling against the dictatorship in the 1970s. The building it is held in was actually where many people were kept at that time. It was very shocking to see the cells people were kept in, and pictures that were taken of the people during their captivity, while standing in that exqct same room. Overall, a chilling experience, but Worth the visit.

IMG_0934[1] IMG_0936[1] IMG_0938[1] IMG_0941[1]

After the museum, we went to the tango class. Once the instructor figured out I did not speak Spanish, he brought me very close to him on the dance floor, and he payed special attention to my dancing. At first this was nerve wracking because I did not know what I was doing, but I learned a lot. Here is a picture of the river close to the dance studio.


When I got home from the class, I had an email waiting about a social event with Projects Abroad to do a tango class, and see a milonga. A milonga is when people spontaniously dance tango, and it is very beautiful to watch. Here is a picture of the milonga, and the room that we had our class.


I also went to an event called Espanol y Serveza, where people meet at a hostel to practice their Spanish together. I learned that I can say a lot more than I thought I could, but I still have a lot of difficulty understanding and speaking. It is always nice meeting new people, too. Yesterday I participated in a neighbourhood food collection in the neighbourhood near the PA office. The recent floods in La Plata and Buenos Aires have left a lot of people without homes, or with very dirty homes, so we collected cleaning suppies and food to help out. My project has made some enormous progress this week. After all the complaining that I did, they hired an expert gardener, and we are all ready to plant the seeds in the garden I made. I spent the last two days painting a fence, and all I have to do is hammer in the nails and stick it into the ground. I got a little artsy with the painting, making each prong of the fence different from one another.  Here are some photos from my placement, of the kids, the fence, an the garden.

sarah1 Sarah2 Sarah3IMG_0951[1]

Ciao for now!

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