Welcome to my Blog!

Hello readers (the very few of you),

2012 was a good year. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I decided that taking a year off would be a good idea; I wanted to explore interests that I had no time to pursue during my studies. The first thing I did post-graduation was sign up for the Basic Pastry course at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, then part-way through scored a baking job at a pie shop, and spent the fall elbow-deep in butter, flour, and sugar.

2013 began for me in Calgary, AB. My boyfriend and I were exploring a book store when I came across a raw food cookbook that I simply could not put down. So, I bought it, thinking that I would give the recipes a try upon my return to Ottawa.

It occurred to me that it would be fun to post about my adventures, both culinary and post-undergrad. Since cooking and baking has been a huge passion of mine for years (and thus, I have accumulated many cookbooks and cooking tools to play around with), and it was basically the main reason why I took a year off, why not share it with the world?!

I am also in the process of applying for a volunteer expedition to Argentina, where I will be learning all about organic gardening, so when the time comes I will post about that. Subsequently, for the next couple months this blog will be about cooking the food, and when my travels begin, it will be about cultivating the food.

Thanks for reading, and best culinary regards to you all!