Summer Potato Salad

BBQ season is upon us, and in my opinion, potato salad is the perfect side to any grilled main dish. I decided to make a potato salad to go with some veggie burgers, and it turned out dill-icious… What can I say, I like puns. And dill.

I also have to report that the ultimate veggie burger has been brought to my attention. It is by the company Soyarie, which has a few different options for flavours. I got the herb flavour, and the package looks like the picture below. The reason why I am sharing this is because they are far superior to the other ones in the tofu section at my grocery store, and I have much difficulty making my own veggie burgers that don’t squeeze out of the bun upon being eaten.


4-5 cups cubed potatoes, skins on (this was about 2 1/2 large potatoes for me)
3 green onions, diced
1-2 celery stalks, minced
3-4 tbsp chopped fresh dill
1/3 cup vegan mayonnaise
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste
Dash of paprika

I began by placing the potatoes in a pot, covered in water by about one inch. I salted the water and gave it a stir. The potatoes cooked until a fork could be easily inserted into them, about 10 minutes. This depends on the size of the cubes. When the potatoes were cooked, I drained them and let them cool until room temperature.

All of the rest of the ingredients were added to a large bowl with the cooked potatoes.

Enjoy with anything off the BBQ or bring on a picnic! You don’t have to worry about the mayo going bad the way that you have to with real mayo. Also, Vegenaise is delicious.


Creamy Pasta Salad

Spring has sprung, and the hot weather is slowly becoming the norm. Big salads have become one of my go-to dishes for lunches, which can last me two or three days if I make enough. I have posted other salads before, such as Everything Salad, and Asian Millet Salad, but this one is perfect for the summer time. Great for picnics, work/school lunches, potlucks, and BBQs. In case you didn’t know, hummus is a delicious addition to any salad dressing, adding protein and creaminess to the veggies. I put hummus on everything. For some other cool ideas about how to use hummus, check out this.  One of the best things about using hummus instead of mayo is that you do not have to worry about the amount of time it has been left out of the fridge if bringing it on a picnic.

Ingredients for the Salad

3 cups uncooked pasta, cooked using the package directions (I used whole wheat bow pasta)
1/2 cup chopped kale or spinach
1/3 cup shredded carrot
1/3 cup finely chopped broccoli
1/2 green pepper, finely chopped
3 diced green onions
Nuts and seeds of choice (I used pumkin seeds, hemp seeds, and cashews)

Ingredients for the Dressing

1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup hummus
1/4 cup vegan mayo, or  hummus
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 lemon, juiced
Salt and pepper
Optional: 2 tbsp nutritional yeast

I washed and chopped all the veggies and tossed them with the nuts and seeds. I placed all the dressing ingredients in a jar, covered it with a lid and shook it until all the ingredients were combined. I poured the dressing over the veggies. Depending on how many veggies you have, you may need to adjust the dressing recipe. Also, it is very easy to substitute any veggies or leave any of them out entirely.

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